uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Review



Easy setup

uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem: On sale at Amazon $79.95 here


ubee ddm3513Unpacking the uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem was as simple as can be. The unit came with everything to get you up and running. All the necessary cables and a quick start guide to power up.

The design of the unit is very sturdy and larger than the Motorola SB6121 mentioned in the previous review. Ventilation is good a little heavier than the SB6121 and runs cool. Nice normal size power adapter and the unit only lies horizontal.

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Setup was easy and pretty quick. First you want to hook this modem up directly to your computer, as this will save time and any confusion trying to hook everything up at once, you can add you wireless router after the initial setup, just work on one part at a time, again, less confusing. Then after hooking up to your computer with everything turned on, depending on your internet provider, you may have to contact them and have them update your MAC address or just go to your service providers online self-activation page (usually with Comcast Service) and follow their simple on screen instructions and you’re good to go, not to worry very simple to do. After you’re successfully online turn everything off and hook up the wireless router to your modem, just follow the included guide book, modem to computer and switch everything back on. What will happen in most cases, if not all, your IP address will reset and work without anything else to do…easy! If you are not comfortable with this you can call your internet provider to schedule an appointment to have your new router hooked up by a technician.


Here are some of the great features of the uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem:

Easy to Set Up and Use




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The performance of this modem is very good, worked excellent out of the box. It is a larger package than the Motorola’s but, it really puts out some speed, like an enhanced version of the SB6120. Online multiplayer games fly by without any lag at all. Also this modem is backwards compatible so you will get the most from your internet package service plan even if they don’t support DOCSIS 3.0 yet. So, you are set up for now and in the future.

I put it through speedtest.net to check the DDM3513’s speed out and came up with the results below:

SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem: 35+ Mbps/3 Mbps

DDM3513 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem: 50+ Mbps/ 4 Mbps

And again these totals depend on the hardware that you have computer, modem, wireless router etc. and type of service you are buying from your internet provider. I have a fast computer and my internet connection is high speed which helps with the tests. Even if your service doesn’t provide the latest technology your speeds should increase and you’ll be set for future technology updates.

This cable modem increased download speed by over 50%, increased upload times by almost double and decreased ping latency from 22ms average to 12ms average…great!

Tip: I highly recommend Comcast service users with supplied cable modems to upgrade to this one. Works well with Comcast.

uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem


Here’s a testimonial of one of the owners who bought the Motorola uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem:

I had a very difficult time finding a good modem for Comcast (I tried D-link modems and they were awful with Comcast Service) but this was one of the few modems I found that was compatible with Comcast. It works perfectly, while D-link and other modems would constantly drop and regain service throughout the day. Setup is easy, the green and blue lights are pretty and are labeled for their respective functions.

 Review shortened for size – view original review here


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